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I have the misfortune to announce we have moved hosts from WordPress…..

So, why have we moving? These are the main reasons….

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There will be no new posts from now, please go to http://www.cybusnet.cu.cc/

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- Owen Conway

Coleman: Becoming the Companion (Part 2)

Day 7 of the official Doctor Who advent calendar is another video with Jenna-Louise Coleman, who talks about working on the show and her plans for Christmas.

Again, due to Blog issues, i can not bring the video directly to you, however, go here for the video:


- Owen Conway

Series 7 Finale Round-up

The Doctor Who Series 7 finale wrapped filming last weekend. Details are slim, but here’s a round-up of what we know so far and a few lets-kill-hitler-diary-300x168rumours.

Spoilerphobes should read on with caution. Read the rest of this entry

Tennant on “I don’t want to go”

It’s hard to believe, but the approaching New Year will mark three years since David Tennant’s regeneration in the concluding half of The End of Time.

In a recent interview Tennant has reflected on his time as the Doctor and his final line.

“I don’t think there was a single moment that was too shaky,” he told the Big Issue. “I left feeling like it had just been a rare and heady time. I never got bored, it was never a chore. I left feeling incredibly good about it and I haven’t really paused to take stock. It’s still something I’m recognised for pretty much all the time and something I’ll forever be proud of.”

Tennant gave his thoughts on his divisive final line (“I don’t want to go”): “I think that was a very clever line. It absolutely made sense in terms of character – that’s exactly what that version of the Doctor would say. So it didn’t break the fiction. But at the same time it was a bigger line than that. It was partly Russell [T Davies] expressing how he felt about leaving the show because we were all leaving together.

“We all felt it was the right time to go – we’d given it all we could – but at the same time we all knew there would be nothing else we’d ever do that would be quite like this. You might have real success doing something else, you’ll work on other things, but whatever happens this is unique. There’s nothing else like Doctor Who. In the world. So yes, it was a bittersweet goodbye.”

- Owen Conway

The Snowman New Pictures Released



We have almost 50 new images from this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, The Snowmen, for your perusal.


- Owen Conway


The Snowmen Time Confirmed

The BBC have finally locked down their Christmas TV schedules today and the air date and time for The Snowmen has been confirmed.doctor-clara-snowmen-rt2012-300x183 Read the rest of this entry

Moffat on The Evil of the Daleks

The official Doctor Who advent calendar continues today with Steven Moffat’s video series looking back at some of the key Dalek stories. Today it’s 1967′s The Evil of the Daleks.

Due to Blog compatibility errors, Cybus Net is unable to bring the video directly to you. However, click on the link below and it will bring you directly to the video:


- Owen Conway

Colin Morgan on Doctor Who

Before he shot to fame as Merlin, Colin Morgan made a guest appearance on Doctor Who in fan favourite Series 4 episode, Midnight colin-morgan-doctor-who-300x201(pictured). Read the rest of this entry

Moffat on The Daleks

Day three on the official Doctor Who advent calendar is a video with Steven Moffat who takes a trip back in time to 1963 to give his thoughts on the first ever Dalek story.

Due to Blog compatibility errors, Cybus Net is unable to bring the video directly to you. However, click on the link below and it will bring you directly to the video:


- Owen Conway


Advent Calendar Day 2

Day 2 of the Advent Calendar is out, and it’s some background wallpapers.


I even set one of them as my desktop background!



- Owen Conway


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